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syd on a stick

The artist formally known as syd(dle).

Cocky, loud, blunt. Some things never change.

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Created by Grahame

aa, adding interests, astronomy, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, beauty, bedroom dancing, beethoven, beethoven opus 57, books, bosie, bright colors, brusting, burning things, cheese, chiasmus, chocolate, classical composers, classical music, clothes, coffee, colorful hair, complete and total destruction, cross country skiing, d00m, dancing in the rain, defenstration, didgeridoo, doom, dressage, eating babies, ebooks, economics, ewan mcgregor, fandom, fencing, firefly, gay rights, geekitude, geeky people, getting mail, girls, grammar, great and t00by loff, greek, hacking wicky, harry potter, hats, historical slash, latin, laughing at emo kids, laughing for no reason, les miserables, loff, math, meditation, mischief, my room, myself, not furries, not sleeping, nutella, objectivism, orange, orson scott card, oscar wilde, palimpsest, particles, people who like me, peter pettigrew, peter/severus, physics, pineapples, pizza, platonic sleeping, plotting ebil, politics, pretty things, professor snape, pubesistahs, quantum mechanics, rain, rainstorms, random facts, ravenclaw, reading, really good chocolate, redheads, rent, rocky horror picture show, selfishness, sending mail, serenity, severus snape, shiny objects, showers, slash, snarry, sporks, squee, stalkage, t00bs, taoism, tea, telemarketers, telemarking, the glorious hat revolution, the last unicorn, the letter w, the meaning of liff, the operative, the signal, the subjunctive, trenchcoats, vegetarianism, very few people, victorian gay life, violin, west wing, wicky, winning, world domination, yemen, your mom, zeugma

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